Director of Instructional Services

A Message from Ms. Teresa Glavin
Director of Instructional Services and Dean of Students

What a whirlwind of a year! Who could have ever anticipated such an
unprecedented chain of events due to the Corona virus pandemic? If ever the
Milford CSD crest stood strong for something, it is now. The characteristics
shined bright during this baffling, sometimes chaotic period. I have such
pride and respect for our small community, and want to enthusiastically
acknowledge each and every one of you who stepped up to assist and care for
one another during this tumultuous time.

As the Milford CSD 2019-20 school year comes to a formal close, albeit
finishing up remotely, I want to reflect on our theme of EXCELLENCE.
Most obviously it has been a struggle since March, and I want to recognize
all the EXCELLENCE I witnessed in the students, teachers, staff members,
parents, and community. Many of our teachers and staff dove straight
into learning new technology like Zoom, or enhanced their use of Google
Classroom and ClassDojo to connect with their students. They embraced
using this technology to still offer instructional material and opportunities to
connect for social interactions. We have engaged our school community in
the technology too, even using videoconferencing for our Board of Education
meetings. Our students are attending Zoom meetings, using Google Hangouts,
and engaging on interactive websites to advance their learning.

I feel our communication has been EXCELLENT too, as teachers and
staff members called parents and students regularly through CAMPAIGN
CONNECT! We posted updates on Facebook and tried to deliver information
in a variety of formats. Everyone worked diligently to keep parents informed
and aware of everything from Chrome book distributions, locker and cubby
clean-outs, school materials and supplies distribution, Spirit Weeks, and
the distribution of 5 days of breakfast and lunch for all of the children in
the community every Saturday. I commend many of the MCS faculty and
staff members who demonstrated the utmost, unwavering dedication to our
students and community by showing up Saturday’s to assist with that!
I certainly do not want to lose sight of all the most EXCELLENT things
we have accomplished this year that are just as important as the incredible
resiliency of the students, teachers, parents, and staff, demonstrated during
COVID-19. Just a few highlights are that we implemented the first year of
PBIS, Positive Behavioral Intervention Supports, in grades PreK-5 as well as
instituted a rigorous academic intervention and enrichment schedule focused
on small tiered groups to help all students enhance their reading and math
skills and performance. We were graced with weekly visits from Bella and
Prince, our 2 therapy dogs, and their handler Kathy Chicorelli. They brought
happiness to so many, students and staff alike. We started a new Videography
class in the HS, and our Music and Arts Departments were prepared to present
our musical, Shrek. Hopefully, we will be presenting it in the fall.

I have great pride in this school, more so than ever, and I wish for nothing
more than all of our school community to have good health, sustaining
happiness, feel safe and valued, and be proud to celebrate their achievements.
I am especially prideful for our graduating seniors! Regardless of the present
calamity, we should not lose sight that this class is full of exceptional
students! All of them possess resilience, diverse talents, and the tenacity to do
well in life. A special shout out goes to this year’s Valedictorian, Ethan Freer
and Salutatorian, Cassidy Hall. In addition, Chyanne Wellman won 1st place
in the Nurse Assistant competition in this year’s HOSA Championships.
We had many awarded Clark scholarship, be inducted into National Honor
Society and National Technical Honor Society, and excel in extracurricular
activities and challenges! I wish them all the best and much
success in whatever they decide to tackle next in life!

My congratulations and well-wishes are extended to not just
our Class of 2020 seniors, but also to some of our staff. I bid
a fond farewell to many of our teachers. Our retirees are Mrs.
Cindy Campbell (27 yrs), Mr. William Haseley (29 yrs), Mrs.
Lori Henry (22 yrs) and Mrs Stephanie Lutz (22 yrs), who have
all contributed so very much to our school. We will also be
saying goodbye to Mr. Liam Murray (12 yrs) and Mrs. Cassie
Woods (2 yrs) as they move on to new adventures. I am greatly
appreciative for all of their service and dedication to Milford
CSD. I wish them joy in their retirements and new endeavors.
I also offer a heartfelt tribute to Mr. Dan Blake for all of his
years of service. His dedication will not be forgotten. Our
Student Government will be planting a tree in his honor.
So in closing, I can most certainly state that this year has
not been ideal for our students, nor our staff, but we did our
very best. I will look beyond the strife and remember all the
EXCELLENCE that was demonstrated by such a wonderful
school community. Now many of us optimistically await the
reopening of school in the fall. Time will tell what that will look
like. Rest assured we will follow NYS regulations and safely
protocols in the best interest of the health of the community as
a whole, but I am hopeful that it involves seeing our students in
the school building every day. Be well until then!
Wishing everyone a healthy and happy summer!