STREAM Week! MCS in collaboration with CORE (Career Opportunities in Rural Education) and ONC BOCES hosts an annual STREAM Week! What is STREAM? It is a focused effort to promote students’ interest in science, technology, reading, engineering, arts, and math and their connections with education and industry!

Mlford Central School marked its third annual STREAM Week on May 13-17 with hands-on activities and demonstrations celebrating science, technology, reading, art and mathematics. 

According to Mrs. Gregory, one goal of STREAM Week is to help students of all ages to see technology as a tool to use effectively. 

The schedule of events for the week included classroom activities led by teachers throughout the school, as well as demonstrations during students’ lunch periods. 

In the hallway were an array of demonstrations, from simple models of insects and reptiles that curious prekindergarten students could pick up to examine, to a 3D printer modeling complex forms. Thursday also featured a visit from Teq, a vendor that provides schools with technology products that help students learn about coding. 

While some STREAM Week activities were brought in just for the week, others were part of longer-term projects. Students in Mrs. Burkhart’s third-grade classroom gave presentations during STREAM Week about animal life cycles as part of a longer classroom unit. 

And in Mr. Richtsmeier’s classroom, sixth-graders fresh off their Safety Patrol trip to Washington D.C. worked with Ozobots — small robots that respond to color-coded input — to draw interactive maps of landmarks like the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument. 

Down the hall, a group of high school students programmed Sphero robots to travel through miniature golf courses to see who could guide the spherical robots into the plastic “cup.

The High School Art Department offers a STEAM Roller Art Project! Young pupils watched excitedly as high school students arranged hand-carved wood planks in the school drop-off zone and then stepped back as a steamroller moved over the planks. The wood planks were intricately carved into artistic designs and then covered with black ink. When the steamroller moved over the planks, the boards made an imprint of the designs onto large pieces of cloth. There were lots of “ohs and ahhhs” as the final art pieces were revealed.